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New APIs coming from Lulu

I wanted to take a little time and explain some of the new and exciting things that we are working on.  This will become a regular theme of our blog, so that you all know what we are working on.

New Documentation

Coming very soon, you will find our documentation has been completely re-vamped.  We have taken the questions from our current users and realized that we can handle most of them by spending more time on our documentation.  Over the next few weeks, we will release new documentation for each API set that we have.  We are starting with the Authorization/Authentication section, then moving to Publication API, and then finishing with the Cover-Generation API.  The documentation will roll out as we complete it.  Once we have the new documentation complete, all new APIs will conform to our standard.

New Account Concepts

The account API right now is somewhat limited.  We will be extending our Account concepts in Q1 to include roles and permissions.  You will be able to set permissions as well as get the list of permissions that the logged in user has.  We will also be adding an "update" concept to the Account system.  This will allow you as the application developer to ensure that your users data is always up to date in our system.

New Publication APIs

The Publication API will continue to move forward with new APIs and enhancements to existing APIs.

We are starting with a "save as draft" system that allows you to upload partially complete projects in draft mode.  Once the project is complete, you will be able to complete the publication process.  This will let your users leave your site and know that their data is safe in our repository.  We will also introduce a File API that allows you to upload files to Lulu that aren't intended for immediate publication.  These files will be deleted after a few weeks if they aren't published, but it provides a staging area while you are working on a project.

The next feature is document conversion.  Right now, through the API, you are restricted to uploading PDFs or ePubs for publication.  We are actively working on a system to allow you to upload Word, PDF, or image formats for publication.  This system will also allow simple file conversion, so if you have a Word file, we will automatically convert it to ePub or PDF.  The files will be available for download through the File API or through the My Files section of

New E-Commerce APIs

To begin our E-commerce API work for early 2011, we are working on a Royalty system that will allow you to track Royalties and report on the amount of money each author should be paid.  We are also working to support setting Royalty ratios on a per book basis, so that you can determine payments differently for each book published.

We know that you want to drive your e-commerce from our engine, and we are working to allow that.  The first API will allow you to send us orders as an XML document and we will fulfill and ship to your end users.  We are also working on Shipping and Tax APIs to allow you to determine shipping and tax costs. Finally, we will be creating an "Add to Cart" API that will allow you to create a shopping cart for your end-users, and then send them to our site for the checkout process.  

We are very excited about these up and coming projects, and hope that you are as well.  I'll keep you up to date with the progress!



  1. David3 years ago

    Hey Ryan! Just curious when the new E-Commerce API might be available for use. The first API you describe - the one which will "allow [us] to send [you] orders as an XML document and [you] fulfill and ship to [our] end users" is exactly what I'm looking for to eliminate the humans from our ordering workflow.


  2. Ryan Bloom3 years ago

    We are actively working on the E-Commerce API. However, this will start with a very limited beta. I'll know more in the next few weeks. Hopefully my next blog post will give a clear estimate for the limited beta, and instructions for requesting access to the beta.


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