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Lulu API Applications

Here are submitted applications from our contributing developers. These apps were created using the Lulu API's.

The Hebrew Books Reprints Program is part of a unique digitization project focused on digitizing and preserving out of copyright Hebraica and Judaica, both in book and manuscript form. Run by a NYC-based non profit, The Society for the Preservation of Hebrew Books, the project makes available over 40,000 titles of Judaica and Hebraica for free on the Internet at their website, The reprints program, run in partnership with Shaftek Enterprises LLC, makes these titles available once again in print form, for anyone, at a low cost via print on demand technologies and APIs available from

New from Soomo Publishing , Central Ideas in American Government is a textbook replacement created by Dr. Jocelyn Evans and Dr. Kristy Michaud. Synthesizing traditional content with cutting-edge technology, the world's first webtext in political science distills American government into its most fundamental principles.

Features include illustrated graphs, student polls, rollover term definitions, and embedded interactive assignments. While its online format offers rich interactivity, Central Ideas is also available in print thanks to

Before I Grew Up is a modern version of the baby book we all love. Think of us as a virtual scrapbook that allows you and your friends & family to contribute to just by sending an email. These memories are then intelligently converted into a beautiful hardcover book which can be delivered (naturally) straight to your door.

All you (or your family & friends) do is email in your thoughts, memories and photos. Each of these forms its own page to make the book comfortable to read. Books are then processed and published automatically to free of charge, from whom you can order as many copies of your baby book as you like!

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